Monday, October 10, 2011

The Problem With A Compromised Immune System

As I'm sure you'll understand I have a bit of a problem with my immune system.

This isn't something new - it is related to the Prolactinoma, and possibly the arthritis. But with the prostate cancer and the radiation it seems to be a bit worse.

Which brings me to last week.

I got, what I realize now, was a touch of the flu. But when you're sick any little thing sets of a roller coaster of turmoil. Is it the cancer? Side effects of treatment? Or, and this is the scary one, something new?

Because, you know, I just don't spend enough time thinking about my health. I would love to take a vacation for a few days. Unfortunately, it's impossible to vacation from yourself.

Well, not without anesthesia. :)

But I'm back baby! Ready to go. Now if I just had last week back . . . :)