Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Treatment Has Been Selected

What an interesting trip that was.

So I went to the Seattle Prostate Cancer Institute at Swedish on Monday.

Seems that I AM a candidate for seed implantation therapy. Contrary to what the radiology oncologist told me. Let's see, whom shall I trust? A nationally recognized treatment center, or a doctor in a small town that has invested heavily in an external beam radiation setup?


Brachythereapy it is! That means that on July 19th I go in for a little day surgery where they will implant 44 to 100 radioactive 'seeds' in my prostate. Doesn't that sound like fun? The next day I go back for a CT scan, and barring any complications I won't see the doc again for . . . 3 months. Then a visit at 6 months.

And that's it.

I don't want to get my hope up, but the incidence of incontinence, bladder and bower toxicity, and all the other happy things that go along with this condition are - according to the Doc - very, very low for me because of my age,general conditions, and symptoms.

No daily visits. No extended hospital stays. Nothing 'cut out'. How cool is that?

It was interesting as well because the nurse assigned to my case demanded that I get a second opinion on my pathology reports - which she is doing as we speak. None of the other Docs suggested that or even brought it up during my visits. You gotta love that.

I'll still have some of the same problems as traditional radiation. That being fatigue and nausea. Don't have to worry about the hair loss! Ha! Got ya on that one God!

It will be nice to get on with some kind of treatment. I'm REALLY starting to feel the effects of my lowered testosterone. The quicker we can start the treatment, the quicker I can start the injections again. At least we are putting this off until after my Alcatraz swim. I honestly don't know if I could swim it with the radiation and lowered testosterone.

So there you have it kids. I'll keep you updated.